Common Questions about the different Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Common Questions
Medicare Supplement Health Insurance Plans vary and can cause confusion. The benefits for each plan differ, as do the costs. This is why a Medicare Supplement Plan comparison is not only helpful, but can potentially avoid an application decline.

Here are the questions that we are asked often and have provided the answers for you. If you would like more details, please visit the specific pages here on our site. For the personal touch, please give us a call. We are happy to help answer your questions about how much does Medigap Insurance cost for you and your needs.

Q: What is a Medicare Supplement Plan?
A: A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan is also called Medigap. It is called Medigap because it covers the holes, or gaps in coverage, that the Original Medicare (Parts A and B) do not. Medigap helps to pay the remaining health care expenses that your Original Medicare policies will not cover. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans can save you a lot of money when extra lab work, diagnostic testing, and other medically necessary tests are ordered by your doctor to determine illness or disease. The Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are designed to cover the difference between your co-payment and what Medicare pays.

Q: Will you please help me compare the Original Medicare with the Medicare Advantage Plans?
A: Yes, we are happy to help. Please see our Medicare Advantage Plans page or call us for more details. We provide a Medicare Supplement Plans comparison to most people that call us for more information. We understand that the different plans are confusing and all seem like a potentially good match for you. Let us help you by doing the matching of plans and their benefits for you.

Q: What do I need to consider when I want to purchase a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy?
A: You need to know how the supplemental policy will work with the Original Medicare Plan you have. You will need to consider the additional monthly premium costs for the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Policy. While the supplement policy helps to avoid extra out-of-pocket expenses for doctor and hospital visits, it does cost you monthly to have the policy.
By calling us today, we will help you with a Medicare Supplement Plans comparison. The best way to determine which plan is right for you is to be walked through the options by on of our experts.

Q: How much does Medigap Insurance cost to get?
A: This will depend upon which plan you select to add in addition to your Original Medicare Part A and Part B policy premiums. Each plan may vary in cost, so a Medicare Supplement Plan comparison is helpful to do. We will be happy to talk to you about the pros and cons of each plan.

Q: Why does someone need to purchase a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan?
A: Having the Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan will help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses when visiting the doctor or in the hospital. The Original Medicare does not cover everything. The Medicare Supplemental Plan helps lessens your health care costs.

Q: What do I have to pay to work with Medicare Plans of America?
A: You do not pay anything to work with us. The private insurance carrier that you select will compensate us for providing you the Medicare service. You are not assessed an additional premium or extra costs for working with one of our agents. Our agents are here to help you determine which Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan is right for you and your health situation.

Q: Will a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan cost less if I go through a private insurance company instead of with
A: No. All of the Medicare Supplement Health Insurance Plan rates are set and regulated by the federal government. This means that if you purchase a plan through us or from another insurance company the same plan will cost you the same amount. The Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are the same no matter which company you decide to use.
Here at, we take pride in knowing the ins and outs of the pros and cons for all of the Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Plans. Please give us a call at 425-742-7461 and we will walk you through the options available to you.

Q: Can I continue to see my current doctor?
A: If your current medical professional is a Medicare provider then there is probably no reason why you cannot continue to see them. Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies do not have provider networks. Your specific Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan may have certain restrictions about prior referrals being needed to see specialists. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do I need to purchase more than one Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan policy?
A: No. It is illegal for insurance companies to sell anyone more than on supplemental policy.

Q: Will a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan cover me if I have a pre-existing medical condition?
A: Possibly. Many insurance companies will ask for proof of prior health care coverage before they offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. There are some instances where there is not a reason to provide proof of coverage from any pre-existing conditions.

Q: What recourse do I have if I am declined for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?
A: Since each insurance company has their own unique underwriting standards, some companies may approve and others may decline your application. If you are declined, we will review your application and then submit it to a different insurance company. We at pay attention to the details and do our best to submit your application correctly the first time to avoid a decline.
One way we try to avoid an initial decline is to do the Medicare Supplement Plans comparison during our conversation with you on the phone. The more details we have to place on your application, the less chance there is of a decline.

Q: For what reasons can my Medicare Supplement Health Insurance Plan be terminated?
A: The Federal Government offers protection for you against this occurring for just any reason. That said, an insurance company can terminate your coverage if you do not pay your premiums, if you leave out or misrepresent items on your application, or if the insurance company becomes insolvent.

Q: How long do I need to keep my Medicare Supplement Health Insurance Plan before I can cancel?
A: Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies work on a month-to-month contract with you. This means that you are able to cancel your Medicare Supplement Insurance plan at any time.

We are happy to help you with your Medicare Supplement Plans comparison. We know that each plan has benefits that will help you with your health care. Please call us today to answer how much does Medigap Insurance cost.

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