Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance
What are Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans? The Supplemental Medicare Insurance Plans help to lessen the cost of additional tests and other medical services that co-insurance payments usually do not cover. Most of us usually require more medical services for things such as checkups, diagnostic testing, lab work, and prescription coverage as we become older. Supplement Insurance for Medicare can help you stay healthy and keep your medical bills lower.

However, Medicare does not pay all of the costs associated with your medical care. This means that you are still responsible for a portion of your medical expenses including, but not limited to physician services, inpatient and outpatient surgical, medical services and supplies, and diagnostic testing. Supplemental Insurance with Medicare can help, but only if you have it.

So how do you pay for the additional services that your doctor orders? If Medicare does not pay for it, how then are these medical bills supposed to be paid? This is where the Supplemental Medicare policies help you take care of those medical bills.

The cost of Supplemental Medicare Insurance plans will vary depending upon which one you select. When determining the cost of Supplemental Medicare Insurance policies, it will depend upon the plans you select as well as if it is for you, your spouse, or both of you. Please be sure to mention who the plans are for when you call us today.

A Medicare Supplement Plan can help you offset these expenses and lower your out-of-pocket expenses. With your Original Medicare plan, you will be responsible for 20% of your medical expenses in addition to excess charges by your doctor. If you are facing a lot of medical or expensive testing, imagine paying $20,000 in medical expenses from a $100,000 medical bill. This can be financially and emotionally devastating to you and your family. It can also wipe out your retirement savings, if you have any, or cost a lot of interest if placed onto a credit card.

Having the best Medicare Supplement Insurance plan for you and your needs eases your stress and encourages you about the future. One order of testing for an illness can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Get the best Medicare Supplement Insurance plan today and do not fret over the medical bills any longer.

More on Supplement Medicare Plans

A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan helps cover the gaps in coverage that remain unpaid after Original Medicare pays its portion of your health care expenses. For this reason, these plans have been nicknamed “Medigap plans”.

Medicare Supplement policies are set up into ten different standardized plans (labeled A through L) and each has its own set of benefits. Supplemental Medicare plans are essential if you foresee a need of extensive medical coverage being a need for you or your spouse. Please consider your family’s medical history when reviewing the different Medicare Insurance Supplement Plans.

We are happy to go over the Supplemental Insurance for Medicare policy plans. We know that it can be confusing and frustrating. We are here to help you compare costs, plan benefits, and to walk you through the steps. We want you to select the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan for you and your situation.
The government does not issue Medicare Supplement policies. Instead, policies are available for purchase through private insurance companies. While the costs of these policies may vary, individual insurance companies must provide the same standardized benefits as outlined by law. In order to purchase a policy, you generally already are currently enrolled in a Medicare Part A and Part B policy. Supplemental Insurance for Medicare is best done within six months of enrolling for Part A and Part B. Please call us for more details about the different options available for Supplement Insurance with Medicare.

The Medicare Insurance Supplement plans can be confusing. There are ten different plans and vary a little or a lot in coverage. We are here to help you figure out which is the best Medicare Supplement Insurance package for you.

Another consideration is the cost of Supplemental Medicare Insurance. If you are healthy and your family has little or no major health trends, then perhaps you do not need the same plan as another person that has a family history of heart attacks and cancer. Be sure to compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy plan cost differences. Each plan has benefits and the costs do vary between the ten different plans. The cost of Supplemental Medicare Insurance can be discussed when you call today for your Medicare Comparison quote.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are a benefit to have to help ease the financial burdens associated with health care. Your health care is important and so is being able to keep from going into excessive debt at an older age because of extensive testing for an illness or disease. Be sure to call us to discuss the different Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans that are currently available for you to add to your Original Medicare Plan.

Who qualifies for Medicare Supplement Insurance

Only those currently enrolling or already enrolled in Medicare A and B can purchase the Medicare Supplement Insurance plans. Anyone turning 65 should enroll during the six-month period (known as open enrollment) immediately following their enrollment in Medicare Part B. Any delay in enrollment may result in your coverage being denied if you are not in good health.

Applying for Medicare is easy. If you have not yet enrolled, you can go to any Social Security office and apply in person for both Social Security and Medicare. You can also enroll for Medicare online at the Social Security – Medicare only page. Once you have completed your application, you may want to compare Medicare plans by completing a quote at the top of this page or by calling us today and we will compare Medicare Supplement Insurance plans for you.

Be sure to figure in the cost of your monthly Medicare premium ($144.60 a month for the year 2022) with the cost of your new Medicare supplemental plan. The monthly Medicare premium is still paid each month by the Medicare member.

Medicare Insurance Supplement Plans are to help you, the Medicare member. Yes, you do have to pay for the Medicare Insurance Supplement Plan that you select along with your monthly Medicare Part A and Part B premiums. Just remember that paying for the Medicare Insurance Supplement Plan is less than blood work done at the lab, x-rays taken, EKG’s, CAT Scans, and more will cost you without the best Medicare Insurance Supplement Insurance that we can provide.

Request a Medicare Supplement Quote to find out how much we can save you annually on your Medicare Supplement Insurance! Remember that the Supplement Insurance for Medicare can save you on all those extra medical services that your doctor may need or want to order. We are here to answer all of your questions regarding Supplement Insurance with Medicare.